About Us

We are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to sound science and community partnership in public land management. We address grazing issues on behalf of permittees on the Shoshone & Bighorn National Forests and the Cody / Worland BLM Resource Management areas.

Organizational Approach

The Guardians have pioneered a unique approach to fulfill its mission. Its approach is two-fold, (1) land based and (2) policy/community outreached based. Land based efforts are directed via a Resource Committee while policy/community outreach efforts are guided by an Advisory Committee.

Resource Projects

Range improvement efforts attempt to find money, and opportunities to accomplish on-the-ground work such as cleaning reservoirs, water development for wildlife and livestock, fencing, implement monitoring plans, etc. This approach recognizes that federal agencies do not always have the needed resources, and the Guardians try to assist its members by focusing on planning, finding financial resources and completing projects which are needed to maintain range resources and economic viability.

Advisory Committee

Policy efforts include improving communication between agencies and livestock producers. It involves everything from working on allotment (range) management plans, to environmental and legal procedures that affect all interests.

Community outreach entails direct involvement in endangered species conservation, networking with various elected officials and community leaders. Participation in Chambers of Commerce and community organizations to help the larger public better understand the broad benefits of grazing livestock on public lands.


Since 2008 the Guardians helped to financially support a multi-organizational effort to assist the Bighorn National Forest in the defense of its environmental impact decision on the Little Piney, Piney Creek and Willow Creek Allotment Management Plan which the permittees and the Forest Service developed under the public process of the National Environmental Policy Act.

Media and Public Information

The Guardians make various public presentations throughout the year. Radio interviews, civic group presentations, newspapers, and special events are utilized to put a public face on the organization and to deliver its message to as wide a public audience as possible.

In 2008 the Guardians were a recipient of the group Rangeland Stewardship Award from the national office of the Bureau of Land Management. This was the first-time such an award had been given for demonstrated collaboration which …”has made a distinct and positive difference in rangeland conditions throughout the area managed by the Cody field Office” according to BLM Director Jim Caswell.

Public recognition was twice bestowed on the organization in 2008 with the “Friend of Agriculture Award’ being presented to its Executive Director by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture’ Natural Resource & Policy Division…”Kathleen always has Wyoming’s agriculture producers in her sights and offers a vision extending years from now of how policy, rules, regulations and simple decisions will affect agriculture and Wyoming’s open spaces.’

Historic Family Ranch Award