Membership Benefits

Benefits that come with your support of the Guardians:

  • Provides individual and customized assistance for all permit, policy and on-the-ground situations which arise as a permittee running livestock on federal lands. One-on-One service. We work ‘on the range’ and in the office’! This is unique to the Guardians.
  • Follow-up assistance by the Executive Director to help make sure details and plans discussed in meetings get into the planning pipeline and implemented. This takes a great deal of pressure off of the member permittee, is a help to the agencies AND can facilitate the timeline. This makes it a team effort and shared accomplishment.
  • Provides federal, state and local government entities a steady, reliable and knowledgeable ‘go to’ organization that can answer questions and develop approaches to problem solving. A singular rancher’s opinions and/or concerns have much greater weight and leverage when voiced via the Guardians. Our reputation is very strong in this area.
  • Members benefit from enhanced continuity and credibility between the federal agency and the permittee. Guardians serve to retain balance and institutional memory regardless of agency personnel changes and transfers. This makes doing business a lot more stable and definitely facilitates communication.
  • Provides communities and members with a collective voice to speak in support not only of livestock grazing on public lands, but also in support of other economic interests working within our communities.
  • Provides individual members, when requested, with thoughtful, relevant and germane public comments on all issues affecting grazing livestock on public land.
  • Provides organizational public comments on issues affecting federal land policies.
  • Provides an organization that can and does serve on statewide and local committees dealing with federal land issues and problems. Members benefit from having a respected presence and voice in such public arenas. One person can’t be everyone, say everything and still run a business. Guardian supporters benefit from having an organization that focuses on both getting work done (range improvement projects and allotment assessments) on the ground, and being deeply involved in problem solving at the local, state and national policy level.
  • Committees include: Big Horn Basin Local Sage-grouse Working Group (LWG). Guardians represent agricultural interests and have chaired this group six of the ten years in has been active and resumed chairmanship in 2014. Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) for the Shoshone National Forest; Statewide Cheatgrass Task Force; Working member of NW Wyoming Off Highway Vehicle Association to network grazing interests with increasing mechanized recreational challenges on the Bighorn and the Shoshone National Forests; participant in National Forest Planning Rule roundtables in Washington, D.C.